“Big Roo”

The BunkerStacker3000 “self-propelled” Drive Over Hopper (DOH) & Stacker is designed to make unloading grain from truck trailers into a bunker quick and easy.

Designed and manufactured at our South Australian facility the BunkerStacker3000 is perfect for grain distributors and farmers with multiple bunker sites.

The BunkerStacker3000 is quick and easy to transport. Essential design elements such as hydraulically operated jacks make set-up and manoeuvring a one man operation.

It has a design capacity of 600 TPH for wheat and slightly less for canola, with the ability to unload 3 x B-doubles in 16 minutes - including truck movement and tipping that equates to approx. 450 TPH (overall).

Kilic Engineering has been manufacturing and developing the BunkerStacker3000 for bunker storage sites since 1999 as well as all manner of material handling equipment for grain.

Capacity: 600 TPH (22,000 bushels)
Powered by 110 kVA Genset


  • Self-propelled and controlled from operator platform situated at Underbelly Belt Conveyor (UBB)
  • DOH, UBB frame and Stacker all lock together so entire machine can be self-propelled at once
  • Generating set (Genset) provides power to DOH, UBB and Stacker
  • Genset on Stacker bolted on slide frame so it can be rolled in and out for easy maintenance
  • Genset comes with canopy for noise reducing properties
  • Electric motors on DOH augers, UBB and Stackers belt drives. Electrics on DOH and Stacker hard wired but plugged connections to Genset for ease of disassembly and transportation
  • Suitable for wheat and canola
  • Hydraulic jacks on DOH and Stacker for levelling machines
  • 6 meters (19’) long DOH allowing for “dump & go”
  • Pendant controls on Stacker
  • Fire extinguishers provided
  • Tarpaulin on DOH for weather protection


  • Easy to operate
  • Safe
  • Quick to set up
  • Quick to transport

Download the factsheet (PDF).

Dump & Go - Drive Over Hopper

Dump & Go - Drive Over Hopper

Drive Over Hopper in operation – B-double trailer

Drive Over Hopper in operation – B-double trailer

Stacker filling bunker

Outloading via BunkerStacker3000 fitted with surge hopper